DAILY NEWS BRIEF (Broadway, Immigration, Medicine)

[NBC News] ‘Allegiance,’ Which Tells Japanese-American Internment Story, to Close on Broadway: “According to producers, by the last performance of “Allegiance,” approximately 120,000 people will have seen the musical — a number that “eerily echoes the number of Japanese Americans who were directly impacted by the events that inspired our musical, and whose rights were trampled in the name of pure fear and intolerance.”

[NBC News] ‘We Too Sing America’ Author on Post-9/11 America, Solidarity, and Immigration: “Before the attacks of 9/11, immigrant rights advocates were at the cusp of potential advances around comprehensive immigration reform legislation. September 11th changed the landscape altogether.”

[Northwest Asian Weekly] IN MEMORY OF …Kenneth Koe, 1925-2015 — Co-inventor of Zoloft: “In the 1970s, Koe … and colleague William Welch developed the compound that became Zoloft… It helped people who have struggled with depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic and social anxiety, and children with OCD. More than 115 million people had been treated with Zoloft by 2005, when Pfizer’s patent expired.”

Photo Credit: Library of Congress (Photo attributed to Dorothea Lange, 1942 April)


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