DAILY NEWS BRIEF // State of the Union, Families, Mortality

[Los Angeles Times] Nikki Haley uses the national stage to criticize Obama — and warn fellow Republicans: “The differing responses to Haley’s remarks reflected the broader split within the Republican Party this season.”

[NBC News] Diving Into Race, Identity of Multiracial Families In ‘Raising Mixed Race’: “With interviews with 68 parents of 75 young multiracial Asian children about race, racism and identity, Chang delves into history, critical mixed race studies, changing demographics, personal experiences, and includes advice for parents, families, teachers, and friends of multiracial Asian children.”

[New York Times / Book Review]: In ‘When Breath Becomes Air,’ Dr. Paul Kalanithi Confronts an Early Death: “One of the most poignant things about Dr. Kalanithi’s story is that he had postponed learning how to live while pursuing his career in neurosurgery. By the time he was ready to enjoy a life outside the operating room, what he needed to learn was how to die.”

[New Yorker / Book Excerpt]: My Last Day as a Surgeon By Paul Kalanithi

Photo: Abraham Lincoln, First Republican Party President, November 8, 1863

Credit: Photographer Alexander Gardner, Library of Congress

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