DAILY NEWS BRIEF // Yale, Girl Scouts, Teaching

[Fortune] Pepsi CEO Is Now Yale Management School’s ‘Most Generous’ Alumni Donor: “My most ardent hope is that this endowment will teach future generations of leaders that the most successful companies of tomorrow will do more than make money….They will make a difference and create shareholder value by improving the quality of life in every market in which they operate.”

[NBC News] Girl Scout Creates Project to Raise Awareness of Japanese-American Incarceration: “My goal is to educate the general public and inspire them to appreciate the lives they have today and not let history repeat itself.”

[NBC News] New York City Teacher Allegedly Fired After Teaching Lesson on Central Park Five: “I thought that this material was not only engaging but important.”

Photo: INCOMING–Arrivals leaving train assisted by Girl Scout with their baggage. — Photographer: Aoyama, Bud — Heart Mountain, Wyoming. 9/?/43

Credit: Photographer Bud Aoyama, War Relocation Authority





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