DAILY NEWS BRIEF: Registering voters, Refugees and history, Solidarity for racial justice

Photo: Sikh American Journey, Rose Parade; Prayitno Hadinata, Flickr

[Los Angeles Times] Californian to help lead super PAC focused on registering Asian American voters: “Asian American and Pacific Islander community’s political presence doesn’t match its population or its influence in technology and business. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are less likely to register to vote or to turn out on election day”

[Portland Mercury] A Question of Dignity: “When we contemplate whether or not to provide aid to refugees of a certain nation or creed and when we ponder how to prevent terror attacks by “enemy aliens,” I can only hope that looking to the Japanese American experience provides us with a strong admonition against repeating our past mistakes, not the blueprints for new “assembly” and “relocation” centers.”

[NBC News] ‘We Too Sing America’ Author on Post-9/11 America, Solidarity, and Immigration: “We must be prepared to dismantle the racial hierarchy by addressing anti-Black racism in our own communities … we must be co-conspirators … in today’s struggles for racial justice.”








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