DAILY NEWS BRIEF: L.A. Superior Court judge interview, Hawaii sugar plantation closing, mystery disease in Guam

Photo: Hawaiian Sunset Landscape Credit: Florence Lilly, Wikimedia Commons

[Asian Journal] An inside look at the life of LA Superior Court Judge Teresa Magno: “It’s a turning point for Magno as well in realizing that there are other options for defendants besides jail, such as probation, counseling and classes. And her new position requires her to distribute equal weight to various aspects to ensure the system is fair.”

[NBC News] Scholars Reflect on Closing of Hawaii’s Last Sugar Plantation: “The rise of the industry was tied to the dispossession of Native Hawaiian land and sovereignty…In 1993, President Bill Clinton acknowledged and apologized for the U.S. role in the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy. The sugar plantations also brought large numbers of workers to Hawaii from China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Portugal, shaping the diverse ethnic makeup of the islands.”

[New Scientist] First clue to treating mystery disease of US Pacific island: “The Chamorro people of the Pacific island of Guam know it as lytigo-bodig… It now looks like we have a clue that could point to a way of slowing its development.”







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