FEATURED VIDEO: Top Teenage Rock Climber On Failing and Succeeding

Ashima Shiraishi is a top American rock climber who competes in bouldering and sports climbing. The New Yorker notes, “The real miracle may be that a little girl from the unmountainous island of Manhattan, born to insular, artistic immigrants who had never tied a figure-eight knot, became, by the age of fourteen, possibly the best female rock climber ever—a Gretzky of the granite. ”

This TED Talk video shows Ashima presenting her thoughts about rock climbing and solving problems in life, with teenage awkwardness mixed with mature insights.

[Instagram] https://www.instagram.com/ashimashiraishi/

More about Ashima Shiraishi:

[New Yorker] The Wall Dancer: “She does not look muscular, but once she’s on the wall the muscles in her shoulders and back seem to spring out of nowhere. She’s metamorphic.”

[ESPN] Ashima’s Most Daring Climb: “At 5-foot-1, 100 pounds, Ashima is the best teenage climber in the world, male or female. Some consider her the best female climber in the world regardless of age. ”

[Huffington Post] At 13 Years Old, Ashima Shiraishi May Have Just Made Climbing History: “I think that now it’s not always the guys that are pushing the limits; it’s also girls who are strong and focused and inspired to climb,” [Ashima] said with a shy smile. ”

[New York Times] Tiny Hand Over Hand: “It did not take a pro to see that there was something unusual going on at the time Ashima started climbing in 2007, when she was 6.”

Related videos:

These videos give additional views of Ashima Shiraishi in action and competition in her even younger days.





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