DAILY NEWS BRIEF: Enhancing the power of voting amid political challenges

Photo: Patsy Mink (the first Asian American women elected to the US Congress in 1965) during her first career in Congress; US Congress Bio


The political engagement of Asian Pacific Americans is increasing but there are challenges in the voting rates of registered voters and in finding candidates. NPR reports on the AAPI Victory Fund, a political action committee formed to increase voter registration in six states. The New York Times cites a report on the difficulties of Asian Americans and Hispanics running for local offices. Voice of America notes the diversity of cultures, languages and religious beliefs within the Asian-American community that complicates political cohesion.

[NPR] New Asian-American SuperPAC Formed To Increase ‘The Power Of Our Vote’: ”The Asian-American electorate is small — in 2012, Asians made up just 3 percent of the electorate — but they have sizable populations in key battleground states.”

[New York Times] Hispanics and Asian-Americans Face Barriers to Lower Offices, Report Finds: “The report is significant at a time when both the Democratic and Republican parties are trying to groom candidates for top offices by having them enter politics through lower positions.”

[Voice of America] Asian-Americans Becoming More Politically Engaged: “Between 2002 and 2012, there was a 60 percent increase in the number of Asian-Americans who registered to vote, so this growth is happening not only in places like California and New York, but places like the South, places like the Midwest. Particularly in close races, the Asian-American vote matters now.”

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