DAILY NEWS BRIEF: Business and workplace stories

Recent news stories present glimpses into Asian American experiences in the work place. In a Vox essay, a Stanford-educated entrepreneur explains “mindset inequality” in the high-tech world. National Journal reports on how stereotyping affects careers, and Forbes covers the challenge of the “bamboo curtain.”

[VOX] Why it’s so hard to succeed in Silicon Valley when you grew up poor: “Tangible inequalities  —  that which can be seen and measured, like money or access  —  get the majority of the attention, and deservedly so. But inequalities that live in your mind can keep the deck stacked against you long after you’ve made it out of the one-room apartment you shared with your dad”

[National Journal] Asian Americans Feel Held Back at Work by Stereotypes: “The su­per­fi­cial num­bers lead people to be­lieve that the “mod­el minor­ity” concept has valid­ity. The “Hid­den in Plain Sight” study, however, tells a dif­fer­ent story: Asi­an-Amer­ic­an pro­fes­sion­als aren’t be­ing pro­moted.”

[Forbes] How Asian Americans Can Break Through The Bamboo Ceiling: “A study from Catalyst found that female employees of Asian descent represent only 4.4% of manager-and-above levels among S&P 500 companies. Other minorities are facing similar challenges. The representation of black and Hispanic women in manager roles is similarly low – about 5% each.”

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