SOCIAL MEDIA MIX: Podcasting about women in creative roles

Filipina American Paola Mardo produces a podcast that addresses a critically missing group in Hollywood and the media in general: a diversity of women in creative or executive positions. Mardo, who has worked in the entertainment industry, wants her podcast “F This Weekly” to create a space for women of color in the creative world.

[NBC News] ‘F This Weekly’: Podcast Creator Tackles Diversity, Gender Disparity: “I try to find guests who are women of color doing interesting things in the arts and entertainment,” Mardo said. “I think that Asian-American women still don’t get enough representation in traditional and new media. Sure, you have women like Constance Wu and Ming-Na Wen kicking ass on TV, but where are the Asian-American women in movies or in key creative roles like directors, producers, or studio executives?” Read more

[F This Weekly Website]

[iTunes Podcast] F This Weekly By Paola Mardo

Photo: Podcast cover image from iTunes

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