FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHY: Visions of Injustice

During World War II, Dorothea Lange and Ansel Adams captured in black and white photographs the lives of American citizens swept by war hysteria  into incarceration camps. NPR’s All Things Considered recently covered their personal visions of the camps, in addition to the photographs by Toyo Miyatake, a Japanese American photographer who was interned at the Manzanar camp.

[NPR] Photos: 3 Very Different Views Of Japanese Internment: “She captured the confused and chaotic scenes of Japanese-Americans crowding onto buses and trains, the stressed and confused looks on their faces, their shuttered businesses, the threadbare barracks that would become their homes for months or years.” Read more and view photos

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Photo: Grandfather and grandson of Japanese ancestry at the
War Relocation Authority center, photograph by Dorothea Lange, Records of the War Relocation Authority, National Archives

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