HISTORICAL NOTE: Rescinded recognition for wartime service

On February 18, 1946, President Truman signed a legislation passed by the 79th US Congress called the Rescission Act which denied promised veteran status for Filipino soldiers who were American nationals fighting under the United States Army Forces Far East.

In preparation for an impending war with Japan, President Franklin Roosevelt issued a military order on July 1941 that combined the Philippine Commonwealth army with the US Army in the Pacific under the command of General MacArthur. Roosevelt’s military order promised the same benefits for over 250,000 Filipino soldiers (American nationals because the Philippines were still under US control then) as the American soldiers in the US Armed Forces.

With the Rescission Act of 1946, Truman and the US Congress denied the recognition and veteran benefits of the Filipino WWII veterans, who have struggled for decades after the war to make the US honor its wartime promise. President Obama ordered partial financial compensation to these veterans with the Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation Act of 2009. The US Congress is considering awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to these Filipino American war veterans who bravely fought for the United States during World War II.

[Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project] Video: Filipino WWII Veterans Congressional Gold Medal Public Service Announcement

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Photo: Screenshot from “Filipino WWII Veterans Congressional Gold Medal Public Service Announcement” by Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project



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