FOODIE FRIDAY: Bless the Feast and the Children

Eight-year-old Estie Kung deserved better than a misfired bad joke at the Oscars and the following recriminations about the ongoing saga of the Whiteness of Hollywood. Kung and the two boys with her are not props for stereotypes about Asian Americans or post-Oscars symbols of injustice. They are children who were mistreated by the supposed adults of the entertainment industry.

Estie Kung has her own shining personality, unrecognized in the cardboard cutout of her as an accountant in the award show joke. She is a charming cooking prodigy who has competed in the “Man vs Child: Chef Showdown”  show and has held her own, as seen on this video:

[YouTube/FYI Television Network] Man vs Child: Chef Joel vs. Chef Estie (S1, E6)

How should the entertainment industry portray the humanity of children like Estie Kung without losing entertainment value? Late night host James Corden shows how to do it right, with due respect to Estie’s identity and ability but without missing out on the humor:

[YouTube / The Late Late Show with James Corden] Cooking with Chef Estie Kung

Learn more:

Photo: Screenshot from YouTube / The Late Late Show with James Corden

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