MUSIC MONDAY: Musical rite of passage in California

H.P. Mendoza wrote and Richard Wong directed the independent film “Colma: The Musical” which has become a cult classic ten years after its release in 2006. It was a New York Times Critics’ Pick, which called it “an itty-bitty movie with a big heart.”

[YouTube] “Colma Stays” from “Colma: The Musical”

Learn more:

    • [NBC News] Revisiting ‘Colma,’ the Micro-Budget Film That Became a ‘Cult Classic’: “The first draft was written in seven days, and they revised it together for a month. Wong self-funded the $15,000 it cost to make the project. His apartment served as their production office, an adjacent apartment as their audition space, and his garage as their recording studio. They filmed it in 18 days,” Read more
    • [New York Times] Big Teenage Dreams, Small-Town Doldrums: “In “Colma” being young (or gay or Filipino) isn’t a recipe for automatic disaster; it’s what helps define these specific characters at this specific time. It’s a poignantly brief moment that — much like home — they may only really know after they leave.” Read more
    • [Center for Asian American Media] Colma: The Musical and Me: “I think the thing that drove Colma was that we didn’t make it with the intention of selling it. We made it because we wanted to make something and wanted to be creative again. And in the end, I’m just glad it was the film H.P. and I set out to make.” Read more


Photo: Screenshot from “Colma Stays”/YouTube


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