CINEMA SUNDAY: Daughters & Mothers

Based on Amy Tan’s novel and directed by Wayne Wang, “The Joy Luck Club” movie reveals the difficult and sometimes violent life stories that underlie the conflicts between mothers and daughters. In the movie, memories of the mothers’ past lives in China intersect with the  modern-day experiences of their Chinese American daughters. The multiple emotions that well up in resolving the generational conflicts convey a common strain in mother-daughter relationships.

Four years after Tan’s book was published, the movie premiered in 1993, the year of the blockbuster “Jurassic Park” and Oscar-winning “Schindler’s List.” “The Joy Luck Club” is a significant cultural milestone because it showcased a large cast of Asian American actors in a widely released Hollywood movie — regrettably a still unusual occurrence. Tan also co-wrote the screenplay which ensured a more loyal translation of her book to film. Wang’s direction captured the sometimes terrible beauty of the multiple intersecting stories in the film.

[YouTube] Trailer for “The Joy Luck Club” movie
[YouTube] Scene from “The Joy Luck Club” – Meet the Parents

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Photo credit: Screenshot from Trailer for “The Joy Luck Club” movie

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