MUSIC MONDAY: L.A., the Devil, and other love songs

Singer and songwriter Connie Lim has a direct and spare style that gives her contemporary songs emotional clarity. The Los Angeles-based musician hasn’t gained much nationwide attention, but she has been producing an impressive range of songs that include alternative pop ballads, covers, smooth soul, and more recent indietronic rock.

The following music videos feature her performances of two original songs she wrote (“L.A. City” and “Just As Good”) and her  version of Irving Berlin’s classic “Blue Skies”. Her more recent musical explorations depart from these more mellow music into synthrock (“Devil Devil”) that has been featured in the TV series “The Royals.”

[YouTube] Connie Lim – LA City (Official Video)
[YouTube] Blue Skies – Irving Berlin (cover by Connie Lim)
[YouTube] Just as Good – Connie Lim (Hotel Cafe)
[YouTube] The Royals Soundtrack 2×10 – Devil Devil by Milck

Learn more:

  • [Progressive Man] Connie Lim: A Lifelong Student of Music: “As I mature, I learn daily that less is more, and that confidence brings simplicity. Rather than trying to prove anything with extraneous sounds, I am cutting things down to the basics. ” Read more
  • [ArtistData] About Connie Lim: “Fueled by young spirit and old soul, her music has been dubbed as moody retrotronica; old-school songwriting backed by an atmospheric electronica sentiment.” Read more
  • [Voice Council Magazine] How Music Can Save You – Connie Lim’s Journey: “I grew up feeling like a misfit, as I was the musician of a really loving yet conventional Chinese-immigrant family that preferred I choose a safer path.” Read more
  • [Connie Lim Music] Website
  • [MILCK Music] Website

Photo credit: Screenshot from [YouTube] Blue Skies – Irving Berlin (cover by Connie Lim)

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