DAILY NEWS BRIEF: Probation and protest, names and identities, Netflix comic

In the news: NBC News reports that Peter Liang, the former NYPD officer convicted of the accidental shooting of an innocent black man, started serving his reduced sentence of community service; a protest rally to commemorate the death of his victim Akai Gurley is scheduled in Brooklyn for Memorial Day. PBS News Hour has an education piece that reports the negative impact on immigrant children of teachers who do not make an effort to pronounce their students’ names correctly. And a TV reviewer from Straits Times introduces the edgy feminist comedy act of Ali Wong, currently featured on Netflix.

Latest news:

  • [NBC News] Liang Starts Community Service as Gurley Supporters Prepare to Rally: [Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny] Chun sentenced Liang to five years probation, including three years for misconduct charges to be served concurrently, and increased the amount of community service from 500 hours to 800. Chun did not, however, follow [District Attorney Ken] Thompson’s recommendation for six months of home confinement.” Read more
  • [PBS News Hour] A teacher mispronouncing a student’s name can have a lasting impact: “For students, especially the children of immigrants or those who are English-language learners, a teacher who knows their name and can pronounce it correctly signals respect and marks a critical step in helping them adjust to school.But for many ELLs, a mispronounced name is often the first of many slights they experience in classrooms; they’re already unlikely to see educators who are like them, teachers who speak their language, or a curriculum that reflects their culture.” Read more
  • [Straits Times] TV reviews: Asian American comic Ali Wong’s Netflix show gets major buzz: “When it comes to female comics who can translate their edginess into mainstream appeal, Amy Schumer has become the standard-bearer. But Wong pulls off the same trick with aplomb, delivering well-crafted and quietly subversive material that will have you giggling to yourself for days… [Wong’s] act is to thoroughly demolish the notion that an Asian woman must be shy and submissive, as vast swathes of the world still seem to believe.” Read more
Ali Wong: Baby Cobra – Vows and Racism – Netflix

Photo: NYPD by Franz Golhen

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