AsianPacificAmerica is about America. It is also about the ongoing cultural contributions of Asian Pacific Americans — those whose families have been here for generations and those who have recently arrived to find new lives in a new home.

I am a grateful son of a father and mother who left the Philippines in the mid 1970’s to escape the deprivation of martial law. AsianPacificAmerica pays tribute to their stories, as well as to the heroic struggles of other parents like them, whose children now experience the sweet, and at times the bitter, promise of America.

. . .

This online project monitors and curates cultural snapshots of America in the new millennium, focusing on its Asian Pacific American citizens and their contributions to its progress. It also looks at American social justice issues, such as immigration policies, racial discrimination, and political engagement.

This publishing project is inspired by Filipino American writer Carlos Bulosan’s struggle with — but persistent faith in — the concept of America. The final insight of his book “America Is In The Heart” is a personal affirmation of his adopted country:

I glanced out of the window again to look at the broad land I had dreamed so much about, only to discover with astonishment that the American earth was like a huge heart unfolding warmly to receive me. I felt it spreading through my being, warming me with its glowing reality. It came to me that no man – no one at all – could destroy my faith in America again.” (Carlos Bulosan, “America Is In The Heart”)

Bulosan, in spite of his affirmation of the promise of America, died young and impoverished in 1956 in Seattle. His faith in the country “had grown out of my defeats and successes, something shaped by my struggles for a place in the vast land.”

AsianPacificAmerica is about Americans who are finding their place in this vast land. I hope the focus on Asian Pacific Americans’ ongoing “defeats and successes” is relevant to the experience of America’s other immigrants and their succeeding generations.


Ador Pereda Yano
Publisher, Pereda Yano Publishing LLC


Photo: From Yoichi Okamoto, “President Lyndon Johnson visits Liberty Island to sign the Immigration Act of 1965”

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