NEWS: Voters, Migration, Fear

NBC News: Hispanics, Asian Americans Among Most Purged Voters in New York City: Analysis // Fortune: These Are the Fastest-Growing Racial Groups in America //  New York Times: Aziz Ansari: Why Trump Makes Me Scared for My Family

FEATURED VIDEO: Beyond Orientalism

Via Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts: What if there’s an America …”Beyond Orientalism” by Nelson Eusebio, Angel Desai and Siho Ellsmore

NEWS: Exclusion, Prosecution, Protest

NBC News: NY Lawmakers Ask Obama to Formally Apologize for Chinese Exclusion Act / Advocacy Groups Press DOJ for Investigation on Alleged Profiling of Scientists // MSNBC: Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth // NBC News: Asian-American Advocates Speak Out in Favor of Gun Control As Dems Hold Sit-In  

NEWS: Guns, Classics, War

AAPI-Data: Gun Control is an Asian American Issue / CNN: Meet the Filipino who runs Penguin Classics / NY Times: Bob Kerrey and the ‘American Tragedy’ of Vietnam

DAILY NEWS BRIEF: Places, names, and faces

In the news: The Chicago Tribune reports that it’s Chinatown community is countering the negative effects of urban gentrification on ethnic neighborhoods by welcoming and supporting new Chinese immigrants. The Washington Post provides historical and cultural context to a recent law passed by Congress, which updates names used in legislation to remove antiquated racist terminology….

CINEMA SUNDAY: Hollywood and racial backlash

Popular entertainment contributes to an American culture that promotes unconscious bias and prejudices. Long-term Hollywood depictions of Asian roles performed by white actors in “oriental” make-up are under attack by a younger generation of Asian Americans who understand the insidious and long-term effects of this still persistent racist practice. [Vox / YouTube] Yellowface is a…

HISTORICAL NOTE: One Week to One Month in May, Every Year

In 1977, Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii introduced a resolution [S.J.Res.72] in the U.S. Senate that proposed the idea of celebrating “Pacific/Asian American Heritage Week” during the first 10 days of May. A similar resolution [H.J.Res.540] was also introduced by Congressman Frank Horton of New York in the House of Representatives. Both resolutions did not…

MEDIA MIX: Stories from emerging communities

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas is crowdfunding for a new media platform “EmergingUS” and making his appeal: “It’s time to hear new stories. Challenge old narratives. Help us tell our story, all of us”. [EmerginUS / YouTube] This is #EmergingUS–the emerging American identity Vargas wrote for the Washington Post, a member of the staff…